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G. O. Shelford Consulting RÉSUMÉ of G. O. SHELFORD
A summary of 43 years of experience
in the Aircraft Power Plant business

POWER PLANT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (1997-   )      Clients have included MTU Maintenance Canada, MTU Maintenance Hannover, SNECMA Services, Chromalloy Corporation, R.J. Waldron and Co., and others.

DIRECTOR, ENGINE AND COMPONENT MAINTENANCE, CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL (1996)      Responsibilities: Added airframe components maintenance to previous Power Plant responsibilities.

DIRECTOR OF POWER PLANT MAINTENANCE, CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL, (1992-1995)      Responsibilities: Production, planning, quality assurance, engineering, material supply and inventory control, marketing and budget administration for engines, accessories and thrust reversers.

MANAGER OF ENGINE OVERHAUL SHOP, CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL, (1988-1991)      Responsibilities: Production, planning, and budget administration for engines and accessories.

POWER PLANT ENGINEER, CPAIR (1979-1988)      Responsibilities: To develop an engine maintenance program of on-wing monitoring, workscoping and service bulletin incorporation, and to provide technical support to line maintenance operations and the overhaul shop on the JT8D engine, then later on the CF6-50.

ROLLS ROYCE RB211 SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (1972-1979)      Responsibilities: To provide technical and warranty support to Air Canada, do defect investigations, and report service experience back to headquarters in Derby, England. From 1975 onwards, I also deputized for the Manager of R-R Service Representatives in Canada in his absence.

TECHNICIAN, ROLLS ROYCE CANADA SERVICE DEPARTMENT (1965-1972)      Responsibilities: Liaison with customers and R-R headquarters, workscoping incoming engines, doing defect investigations, writing teardown reports and failure reports, and providing operational advice to the customer on Industrial Avon and Spey engines. I was team leader of the overhaul support group on the Spey engine.

ENGINEERING APPRENTICESHIP, BRISTOL SIDDELEY ENGINES (1957-1962)      The apprenticeship included basic training on trades such as machinist, plater, storesman, mechanic, fitter, inspector, etc, and advanced technician training in engine development, mechanical research laboratory, drawing office and design office. The apprenticeship program included one day per week at technical college (see Education, below).

1972 - BSc, Sir George Williams University (now Concordia), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
1962 - Higher National Certificate (Mech. Eng.), Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry, England.
1960 - Ordinary National Certificate, Coventry Technical College.
1957 - G.C.E. ‘O’ level, Wellington College, Berkshire, England.
Plus: Numerous company sponsored training courses in technical, management and human resource topics.

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